Hi there! I am Jen Jones. 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my site. I am honored you are here.  I want to share my journey with you in the hopes that it inspires you to chase YOUR dreams.

By trade, I was a  Physical Therapist Assistant for 25 years. Although I enjoyed my career, I didn’t love it. I knew that I was created for so much more. I found myself at a crossroads in my life and I was no longer satisfied with the norm. I knew that my career was NEVER going to provide the time freedom that I deeply desired.

Thankfully,  I was introduced to Network Marketing over a decade ago, and I fell in love with the business model. I was passionate about the opportunity to create residual income and financial independence but I knew I had a lot to learn to become an expert in this industry.  It is a simple business model, but it is not easy.  It takes grit, perseverance, and consistency. But I was all in!!

Create your story. Create your Legacy. Live your Life on YOUR Terms!

I quickly became a student of the industry. I was a recruiting machine and in 6 months I became a top earner in my company.  Then my team started to fall apart. I was rattled to my very core.  I didn't understand how this was happening  After all, I was working the "system" that my upline said to do. You know the "100's list", "teaching No show classes", and "everyone is a prospect" routine.  Not to mention sending those repelling messages to literally everyone.  It was so embarrassing. 

Then my health started to decline. I could no longer keep up with the demands of building my business the "traditional" way. I needed something that was automated , duplicable, and could be done from HOME.

So that's when I started brain storming ideas of how to actually build my business from HOME! After all, I wanted a home business so that I could increase my family time, create time freedom, create financial independence, and support my health.

After scouring the internet and collaborating with colleagues, here are the vital strategies that I have found and implemented...

Digital Marketing

I invested 40K in my education to learn this highly effective recruiting skill with an intense 14-month Mastermind Course.

This concept is where you leverage simple social media strategies to attract highly qualified prospects to YOU! Imagine...NO Prospecting. Prospects reach out to YOU!  You are no longer the hunter, or wasting your valuable time on uninterested tire kickers.

By implementing these digital business strategies, it has allowed me to create a Full Time Home Based Business Owner for over two years.

Now, I coach and train women to build successful businesses online leveraging simple social media strategies.

I have not "arrived" at my destination and I hope I never do. As I desire to ALWAYS push for more!

It is possible to build online and have a system that duplicates. It allows you to work from home, be a top earner in your company, and take back control of your freedom.

My advice. Commit, jump in, and don't look back.

I wish you all the success in the world and I look forward to sharing this journey with you! If you are ready for change, connect with me for a  FREE 30 Minute Consult and let's get you started on your journey! 


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