I have found that health and wellness are a vital part of my success. As business owners, we need to be at the top of our game. I found that implementing the following product recommendations that I have increased focus, stress resilience, increased energy, and decreased brain fog. These products allow me to crush my to-do list everyday!!


With the Amare Wellness Assessment. Take this brief 5 minute assessment to see where you can improve your wellness. It will give you insight into your current state as well as simple things to help you improve. Click to begin


MentaBiotics is the first product of its kind that combines newly discovered specific strains of probiotics (good bacteria), prebiotics (encourages growth of good bacteria), and phytobiotics (protects good bacteria) in a premium all-natural dietary supplement that have been scientifically proven to optimize mental wellness.

This product reduces stress and promotes a positive mood. As well as helps normalize gut, immune, and brain function.


Fuel your mental edge with all-natural products in the Mental Fitness Pack!

This pack improves brain performance, increases energy levels and endurance, helps provide calm to the body and brain, supports lower stress hormones, enhances feeling of well-being and supports a healthy, positive mood, and rapid improvements in mental acuity and alertness.


This delicious combination of 3 products in one drink to elevate your mood, crush your to-do list, and enjoy every minute of the day!

The Happy Juice Pack boosts your mood and motivation, provides overall health for your second brain known as the gut, enhances your mental performance, and provides the fuel you need for a highly productive day.


This delicious watermelon drink is a game changer. It will transform your everyday life.

It instantly improves your mood, motivation, and metabolism.

Immediate brain power and physical energy.

Progressive anti-aging and loss of belly fat over time.

Edge has No calories, No sugar, No caffeine, No GMO’s.


A next-generation mental energy product that delivers rapid improvements in brain and physical performance, without the jitters or crash you might get from many high-stimulant or high-sugar energy drinks.

Benefits of Energy include: increases energy levels and endurance, rapid improvements in mental acuity and alertness, helps regulate epinephrine production, improves brain performance, and long lasting stamina.

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