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Hi, I am Jen Jones! I am honored that you've chosen to visit my site! My goal is to bring valuable training and resources to help motivated women secure extra income through social selling! You are IMPORTANT to me and I want to hear all about YOU!!  If you are stuck and frustrated with your results, then lets chat.  My Free Consult is all about creating a strategy that will get you into action. Grab a spot on my calendar that works best for you.  Look forward to connecting and collaborating.


Tune in to my weekly Facebook Lives. I deliver value packed training, tips, and hacks that you can implement and propel yourself forward.


When you join my team, you immediately get plugged into my proven systems that convert.  You will learn how to attract high quality leads WITHOUT chasing them down or spamming their newsfeed.

About Me.

Jennifer Jones helps train women to build businesses leveraging the power of simple social media strategies. She is passionate about guiding them to create the business and lifestyle they deserve.  Learn more about Jen here...

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If you are looking for a coach, mentor and leader who puts your success above all else, then please meet my dear friend, Jennifer.  

I met Jen in October 2019 at a business workshop.  We connected through smiles and happy times.  Then a few months later, I saw what Jen was doing on Facebook and inquired about the products she was using.  That was the beginning of our professional journey together.  

Now we are working to enhance the lives of others.  Jen is always there when I need her, is knowledgeable and helpful, and reaches out to me “to see if I need anything.”

Sandy Scherff

I have known Jennifer for over a year. She has morphed into an incredible fierce leader that I have grown to love not only as my mentor, but also a very dear friend.

Jennifer is relatable, authentic, and genuinely cares about helping others reach their fullest potential and succeed in life.

She is very knowledgeable on how to grow an online business using simple steps that duplicate for faster results.

I’ve learned so much with Jennifer and I’ve loved watching  her grow over this last year!

Tammy McIlveen

Jen is an amazing coach! Her passion for helping entrepreneurs is evident in everything she does. She is smart, knowledgeable, and approachable. Jen can assist you with designing a plan for accountability and success in your entrepreneurial journey. If you are looking to shorten your learning curve, compressing time and getting serious results, look no further than Jen Jones.

Claire Valenti

Jennifer was amazing to work with! Not only was she so knowledgeable about all the different aspects of Facebook, running ads, the most successful ways to post, she even helped me with ideas of what to post. She was kind, upbeat and I could tell she really wanted to help me. She is a breath of fresh air! 

Angie Nelson

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My Free Consult is all about creating a strategy that will get you into action. Grab a spot on my calendar that works best for you.  Look forward to connecting and collaborating.

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