June 1, 2022

Struggling with what to post on Facebook?

You sit down to post and have writers block as well as content creation block.

I get it, I used to struggle everyday to create content.

Today I am going share a simple technique to keep your content flowing.

If you prefer to learn through video, then catch this episode on my Youtube Channel.

Coming up with content day in and day out can be exhausting if you struggle with creativity.

But girl, I got your back.

Simple Trick for What to Post on Facebook

This simple trick will have you generating an endless stream of content.

So grab a pen and paper and lets get started.

When you first met someone new, you don’t just blurt out that you are in network marketing and ask them to sign up.

That would be weird, Right!?

You generally have a little small talk about where you live and what you do.

You may even share some of your hobbies and what you like to do on the weekends.

These conversations are light and keep you open to communication.

So to know what to post of facebook, we turn to those simple questions.

These questions drive the answer to What to Post on Facebook.

Pillar of Topics

In order to generate content, you first must know the categories of your content.

I call these categories The Pillars of Topics.

In other words, what can you talk about over and over and over.

Some examples of categories that come to mind are probably family, hobbies, pets, travels, business, etc .

These general categories are your pillar of topics.

In general, you want to come up with 3-5 pillars.

Then under these general pillars, you will have sub-categories that will go more in depth.

For instance, under family you may have birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations, weddings, kids activities.

Then you repeat this technique for each category that you created.

Once you have generated your Pillars of Topics, simply rotate through these in your posts and stories.

It really is that simple.

I feel that online business builders over complicate this step. So keep it simple.

Deep Dive for Facebook

If you want to go further in depth with creating a Facebook Page that gets you more leads and sales , then I invite you to grab my 5 Module Course called Social Media Made Simple.

Inside this training you will learn:

Day 1-Build an Attractive Facebook Page

Day 2-How to Get More Eyes on Your Page

Day 3-Crafting Your Perfect Prospect

Day 4-Creating an Endless Stream of Content

Day 5-How to Get More Engagement

I hope you got value from this blog. If you did, please let me know down below and share it on social media.

As always, wishing you much success in your journey.


Disclaimer. If you click on a link above, I may receive commissions.

About the author 

Jen Jones

Jennifer Jones helps train women to build businesses leveraging simple online strategies to create the business and lifestyle that they deserve.

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