May 18, 2022

How would it feel to grow your network marketing business online with leads reaching out to you?

Amazing and life changing, right!

Today I am going to share 4 tips for growing your business online.

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So let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of this training.

4 Tips for Growing Your Business Online

Please keep in mind as you are learning, these 4 tips are applied when using digital media.

1. Attract your perfect customers or business partners.

You want to leverage social media so your prospects are reaching out to you. Post to attract. Become the hunted versus the hunter.

When you are posting, be sure that you are adding value to your prospects. You don’t want to continually ask them to buy your products or services.

A good rule of thumb when posting, is provide 3 posts that offer value to 1 direct post that is asking for a sale.

2. Utilizing Private Team Facebook Groups to convert your leads to sales.

Utilizing private team groups may seem daunting. Especially if you are the only administrator on the account.

In fact, I encourage multiple team players. It should be a group effort. As your team grows, there will be a need for increased monitoring of pending invites, as well as approving posts from team members.

Publish content that encompasses your companies product line and business model.

Be sure that you offer plenty of value.

Facebook Groups are also a great way to publish testimonials of current customers and business partners.

3. Host Live Workshops.

Workshops should include information related to your products and business options. This can be a group effort as well.

This style gives your prospects resources to make decisions.

You can include a brief overview about the companies history, corporate officials, what sets you apart from the competition, compensation overview, and how to get started.

Workshops are a great way to provide presentations without having to invite to a prospect to the local coffee shop.

4. Have Systems that Duplicate.

Most companies say their systems duplicate, but most don’t. Be sure to test your system. If you are not growing, likely, your system doesn’t duplicate.

I encourage your systems to include a step by step roadmap for success, how to launch, grow, and scale your business, posting roadmap, and done for you content.

The systems should be assembled and have an easy way for your newest member to get into action.

It should be as simple as tagging your new member.

You don’t have to create these resources and programs alone. Partner with your team mates to reduce stress, and increase results.

It is important to always be testing your processes and systems.

If you are looking to partner with me and my team, then grab a spot on my calendar.

I hope you found value in these 4 tips for growing your online business.

If you did, please share this blog with your audience.

Wishing you much success in your journey.


About the author 

Jen Jones

Jennifer Jones helps train women to build businesses leveraging simple online strategies to create the business and lifestyle that they deserve.

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